Elopement Planning Resources & Tips

You’re dreaming of a wedding day spent in a breathtaking location where all that matters is marrying the love of your life and taking in the views.

✔ No obligations.

✔ No guest counts.

✔ No strict timelines.

But all that freedom can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. If there’s no typical elopement formula to follow, then where do you even begin?


Here’s all of my experience as a British Columbia-based elopement photographer served up on a silver platter. And it’s free.  

Why You Should Consider a Weekday Elopement

It probably comes as no surprise that the most popular day of the week to tie the knot is Saturday!...

Tips for Planning a Hiking Elopement

Eloping is about creating an experience that you’ll never forget – focusing on what matters to the two of you,...

How to Plan the Perfect Airbnb Elopement or Wedding

If you’ve decided to ditch the traditional wedding and elope instead, you now have the freedom to get creative with...

Moraine Lake Hiking Elopement Inspiration

Moraine Lake is a truly stunning location in Banff National Park and is absolutely perfect for adventure elopements. Between the...

Tips for Eloping With Family

Elopements aren’t always just the couple - you can also have guests or invite your loved ones! For a lot...

Leave No Trace Guide for Your Elopement

More and more couples are realizing that a big wedding isn’t for them - which I absolutely love! But, getting...

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