Why You Should Consider a Weekday Elopement

Couple dancing at sunrise at Lake Louise.

It probably comes as no surprise that the most popular day of the week to tie the knot is Saturday! Followed closely by Sunday and Friday, weekend weddings have been the norm for years. But eloping is all about breaking away from traditions and making your own rules – so when it comes to setting your elopement date, you can get a little creative! In fact, I recommend a weekday elopement to all of my couples!

In this guide, we’ll talk about the reasons why you should consider a weekday elopement, and how it can lead to a better experience when you tie the knot. 

Reasons to Consider a Weekday Elopement

Weekdays are the best days to elope – and here’s why!

There are Fewer Crowds on Weekdays

The biggest reason that weekday elopements rock is that there are fewer crowds! When you elope outdoors, you’ll likely be tying the knot in a park, or another public place – which means that there will be other visitors around. 

The last thing you want when you exchange vows is a big audience  (that’s probably one of the reasons you decided to elope in the first place!), and luckily, a weekday elopement will help you avoid this. No matter where you go, weekends are always busier, because these are usually the days that people have off from work or school.

Eloping on a weekday will help you avoid some of these crowds! Monday through Friday will always be less busy, especially if you go for a hike, but even overlooks and easy-to-reach spots will have fewer people. But, things usually pick up a little bit on Fridays, so Monday through Thursday are best if you want minimal crowds!

One thing to keep in mind is that the weekday rules don’t apply to holidays – these tend to be even busier than regular weekends, so watch out for long weekends and holidays when you set your elopement date.

Less Traffic

Along with fewer crowds at the actual elopement location, a weekday elopement can also mean less traffic getting there! While highways and city streets are likely going to be busiest during rush hour on weekdays, roads to the more remote locations are most busy on weekends, when people take trips to get out in nature on their days off.

National parks, like Banff,  tend to be especially busy – during the summer months, there’s often a line at the entrance booth! A weekday elopement can ensure that you don’t have to wait nearly as long to get into the park, and that you can spend your day adventuring and exploring instead of sitting in traffic!

It’ll Be Easier to Get Your Dream Elopement Location

Since so many couples get married on the weekend, weekend dates tend to be more competitive! If you decide to book a small venue for your elopement, or an Airbnb, you’ll likely find that weekend dates fill up much faster than weekdays. Even in national parks or other outdoor locations where a permit is required, many places are “first come first serve,” and require you to put a location on your permit application to make sure that you’ll be the only couple having a ceremony at that spot at that time.

A weekday elopement will usually make it easier to get your first choice location! 

Couple hiking to peak of Lake Louise on their elopement during sunrise.

And Easier to Book Your Dream Vendors!

Wedding and elopement vendors are typically busiest on weekends as well, and popular weekend dates tend to fill up pretty quickly! Eloping on a weekday will make it much easier to work with your dream vendors as well, since they’re more likely to be available on weekdays. This includes everything from your photographer, hair and makeup artist, and even lodging for your elopement – Airbnbs and hotels are busier on weekends too!

You May Get Better Rates

The same law of supply and demand that drives up gas prices and makes limited edition Starbucks mugs more expensive, also often means that prices for lodging and other elopement necessities are higher on weekends!

Many Airbnbs, hotels, and other places to stay often have a “weekday discount” – because weekend dates tend to be more popular, as people are more likely to make travel plans on the weekends. To get more bookings and encourage people to stay during the week, they often offer lower prices on less popular dates! 

This is also often true of wedding venues, and if you decide to book a small venue for your elopement day, you might get a better rate if you tie the knot on a weekday. 

Even your travel costs can be less pricey if you plan it right! I definitely recommend getting to your elopement location at least a day early – more if you’re flying or making a long trip – to get settled in, and traveling on weekdays can be a little less expensive than weekends. Flights are most expensive on Fridays and Sundays – because more people plan trips for the weekend, often leaving after work on Friday and returning home on Sunday! Even gas prices are said to be cheapest on Mondays.

Other Things to Consider When Planning a Weekday Elopement

While tying the knot on a weekday is one of the best ways to avoid crowds, and has tons of other benefits, there are also some other things to consider when it comes to setting a date for your elopement, and also for deciding if a weekday elopement is right for you!

Busy Season

Just about every elopement destination will have a peak season, one that’s busier than the others. For example, in the summer, Lake Louise will be pretty popular, even on the weekdays. To extend the benefits of a weekday elopement, it can also be helpful to set a date during the off season! The best way to balance fewer crowds and good weather is to elope during shoulder season – the time right before or right after the peak. This can help you avoid extreme cold, while still getting a little more privacy.

Time of Day

On your elopement day, the time of day will also make a big difference in your experience! Planning your ceremony for sunrise or sunset can ensure that there are fewer people around in most places. Sunrise is usually the least busy, but sunset is typically less crowded than the middle of the day, especially if you go for a hike!

Time Off Work

Time off work can be a consideration when setting a date for your elopement. If you have an intense job that makes taking vacation days hard, or if there’s a particular season that’s less busy, that can affect your options! If weekends are already your days off, it can be easier to plan your elopement for these days – or to plan your trip so that you don’t have to take as many vacation days. For example, take two days off on Thursday and Friday, have your ceremony on one of those weekdays, then stay at your elopement destination over the weekend!

Ready to Plan Your Weekday Elopement?

Your wedding day should be a reflection of your lives together – so if you want to wear hiking boots instead of heels, elope on a mountaintop instead of in a banquet hall, and get married in a way that just feels right, contact me!

I’ll help you find the perfect spot to tie the knot, plan the elopement day of your dreams, and document it all – exactly how it happened!

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