Unique Elopement Ideas & Inspiration

If you’re in planning stage of your elopement (or even still considering eloping) and you’re looking for inspiration of how to make your elopement unique and adventurous, you’re in the right place! This guide is full of tips for how to make your wedding special and some unique elopement ideas and things to do. 

But before we get to the elopement ideas, I want to take a moment to highlight what an elopement really is — because there are a lot of misconceptions about elopements floating around. So many people believe that eloping means your day isn’t as important, as special, or as meaningful as a big, traditional wedding. But the truth is that your elopement day is a big deal! This is the day you officially vow to spend forever with the love of your life, it’s the day you marry your best friend, and it’s a day that you’ll remember forever. That’s a big deal, and it deserves to be celebrated in the best way you can imagine! 

So what actually is an elopement?
Eloping is all about being intentional about how you get married, and planning a day that truly represents you, your partner, your relationship, and the beginning of your marriage!

A smaller guest list, or no guest list at all, doesn’t make this day any less special – in fact, I think choosing to celebrate your relationship in a way that’s true to you makes it even more meaningful. But, with no rules and no expectations, it can be hard to imagine what you could do on your elopement day.

So without further adieu, let’s dive into how to make your day into an epic adventure!

Couple walking through a hut on a mountaintop during their elopement

How to Make Your Elopement Special

Before I give you some ideas for things to do on your elopement day, here are some things to keep in mind as you dream, brainstorm, and plan! These will help make sure your elopement is special, and that it’s personalized to be right for you.

Have a Full Day Elopement

A full day elopement is the best way to make an elopement special! Eloping used to mean quick courthouse ceremonies that lasted no more than a few minutes – but your day deserves more than that. Dedicating a full day to your elopement means you won’t feel rushed or stressed, and that you have plenty of flexibility and freedom! You’ll celebrate the beginning of your marriage the entire day, giving it the time it deserves.

Some couples even do a multi day elopement! This is great for couples who like backpacking, or couples who want to elope with guests – you can spend one day with your loved ones, and still have a day to yourselves to go on an epic adventure or to just relax together.

Remember That It’s All About You!

The most important thing about planning your elopement is to remember that this is about what the two of you want. Every couple is different, so personalize your day to make sure it reflects who you are, and how you want to get married! When it comes to how to make an elopement special, the best way is to make sure that it’s meaningful and personal to you.

Plan an Adventure

While the ceremony is the main event, you have the rest of the day to plan something truly incredible! Adventure doesn’t have to mean adrenaline or epic hikes or once in a lifetime activities (though it certainly can!) – it’s all about spending time together, being present, and enjoying your wedding day.

To help you come up with things to do on your elopement day, the next section is full of fun ideas!

Couple hiking through a green meadow in BC during their unique elopement

Unique & Adventurous Elopement Ideas & Activities

For some inspiration for your adventurous wedding, here are some unique elopement ideas, and things you can do on your elopement day! 

Couple enjoying ice cream on their unique elopement day
Couple getting teary eyed and emotional while exchanging vows during their hiking elopement in Banff
Couple standing at the peak of a mountain hugging and looking at Lake Louise.

Go Hiking

Hiking is one of the most popular things to do for eloping couples, and for outdoorsy folks, it can be a great way to celebrate getting married! A hiking elopement can mean going up to the top of a mountain to exchange vows, or it can be a nature walk to a pretty spot. Some couples choose to have their ceremony in an easily accessible spot so friends and family can join, then they go hiking afterwards!

Couple hiking on a trail at Lake Louise on their elopement day.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Here in BC, a helicopter tour is one of the best ways to see the scenery on your elopement day! I can’t think of anything more incredible than soaring through the sky, and landing somewhere totally remote and private to exchange vows. 

Helicopter landing in Squamish, British Columbia

Have a Picnic

When it comes to how to make an elopement special, sometimes it’s all taking some time to relax together! A picnic is a fun, unique elopement idea for couples who want to do something meaningful – everyone’s gotta eat, so turn one of your meal breaks into a picnic by a lake, or at an overlook, or in the backyard of your Airbnb.

Couple enjoying a cold beer and picnic on their unique elopement day

Kayak or Canoe

Some of the most unique elopement ideas include getting in the water! While swimming is definitely an option, if you don’t want to dive in with your hair done, kayaking or canoeing is a really fun way to spend your elopement day. You can bring your own, rent one at your elopement location, or even get an inflatable boat that you can pack with you for a hike! Some other ways to get in the water include paddle boarding, or renting a houseboat.

Take a 4×4

Hiking isn’t the only way to explore gorgeous trails and less traveled paths! Taking a 4×4 and driving up forest service roads can lead you to some incredible views, and if you want to see mountaintops, alpine meadows, and more, it’s one of my favourite unique elopement ideas. 

Couple standing at a mountain peak after eloping

Bring Your Dog

I know we hate to leave our pup, Mason, behind for any reason – and if you have a dog, it can be so special to have them be a part of your elopement day. They can totally join you for your adventure, and they can make the experience even better! 

Couple running on a pier with their dog on their unique elopement day

Personalize Your Ceremony

Along with the activities and adventures you’ll plan for your day, there are also some unique elopement ideas that you can use to make your ceremony more personal! This can include writing your own vows, which can often be even more special than reciting prewritten ones!

Soak in a Hot Spring

Another unique elopement idea that’s guaranteed to relax you is to take a dip in a natural hot spring! Starting the morning, or ending the day, enjoying some quiet time together as you watch the sunrise  or sunset and relax.


There’s something so magical about the night sky, and taking some time on your elopement day to stay out past the sunset and see the stars is a great way to end your wedding adventure! Try to plan your day for a new moon, or as close to it as you can, so you can get the best view of the night sky.

Celebrate With Your Guests

If you invite family or friends to your elopement, there are some unique elopement ideas that include them too! They can join you for an adventure, or you can have a little reception afterwards to celebrate with dinner, toasts, and dessert. 

Rent a Cute Airbnb

A cabin or a cute Airbnb is a great way to make your elopement special, and a unique way to celebrate! You can find an adorable A-frame for just the two of you, or a house for all your guests.

Campfire & S’mores

Whether you have a camping elopement or you find a fire pit at a cabin, ending the night sitting around the campfire is always a great time! You can roast s’mores under the stars for a magical end to your wedding day.

Take a Gondola Ride

A really unique elopement activity idea is to take a gondola ride! In BC, there are several that will take you over the mountain peaks for a bird’s eye view of the stunning landscape, including my favourite Sea to Sky Gondola.

Couple walking on a suspension bridge at Sea to Sky Gondola

Stop for Snacks

You’ve gotta eat! On your elopement day, taking a break for coffee and doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, a food truck, or whatever yummy meal you’re craving is a great way to make the day even more special – taking some time to just relax and be present with your partner while you eat something delicious.

Couple stopping for ice cream on their unique elopement day.

Take Polaroids

A fun way to document your elopement day is with some Polaroids! Instant cameras are so much fun, and you’ll have a little keepsake from the day – along with some photos to show your loved ones before the professional ones are ready.

Hire an Elopement Photographer

One of the best ways to make your elopement special is to hire an experienced elopement photographer! They’ll document all of your amazing memories and all of the moments, big and small, that made your elopement day so unique. But, along with taking photos, part of my job as an elopement photographer is to help each couple plan a day that’s unique to them, and perfectly reflects who they are! 

Contact me if you’re ready to plan your one of a kind day, and I’ll be there for everything you need – ideas for things to do, personalized recommendations, and more!

And make sure to check out my Guide on How to Elope in BC!

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