Squamish Elopement Guide – How to Elope in Squamish, BC

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Your love story is one of a kind – and your wedding day should be too! If you’ve decided to ditch the traditional venue and elope somewhere with scenery, fresh air, and plenty of adventure, the mountain town of Squamish might be the perfect place to go.

In this small mountain town, just north of Vancouver, you’ll find towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, plunging waterfalls, and so much more to explore! If that sounds like your jam, keep reading this guide to learn everything you’ll need to know to plan your Squamish elopement. 

Why Elope in Squamish?

Before you really dig into planning, you’ll have to decide if a Squamish elopement is right for you – and here are just a few reasons why I think it might be.

A Private, Meaningful Experience

I’m a Squamish elopement photographer, and I eloped myself – so you could say I’m kind of an expert! Or you could say I’m kind of biased, maybe both, but I think eloping is the best way to celebrate the beginning of your marriage. Instead of a giant party with plus ones you’ve never met, you can elope and allow yourself to actually enjoy your wedding day, to spend time together and be present with your partner and maybe a few of the people you love most!

Gorgeous Scenery and Endless Adventures

Of course, the scenery of Squamish makes it an incredible elopement location. But did you know that the town has even been proclaimed the “adventure capital of Canada?” So whether your adventure takes you high into the mountains or down to the coast, you can hike, kayak, kitesurf, and so much more!

couple kayaking on Alice Lake, Squamish on their elopement day

Year Round Fun

Every season has something totally different to offer, so no matter when your Squamish elopement happens, you’ll have a blast! In the summer it’s perfect for hiking, and in the winter it’s incredible for skiing. Make sure to brush up on Squamish’s weather and be prepared, but you can elope here any time of year!

The Best Places to Elope in Squamish

The hardest thing about planning a Squamish elopement?

Choosing just one location! There are countless views, trails, and places to explore – but here are a few of the best places to elope in Squamish.

Sea to Sky Gondola

Imagine floating over the Howe Sound, with coastal forest views and mountains around you. You can do just that at the Sea to Sky Gondola, where you can sit surrounded by floor to ceiling glass, with incredible, sweeping views. In addition to the gondola ride, the area also offers countless hiking trails, a suspension bridge, and lots of outdoor space to explore! They even offer a venue for small weddings and elopements!

Squamish Estuary

Close to the Howe Sound is the Squamish Estuary, a refuge for wildlife and a place where you can see the best view of the Stawamus Chief – a granite dome monolith that towers over the Sound. You can hike through the park, or paddle along the stream, enjoying the incredible sunsets over Squamish Estuary! If you’re craving a little extra adventure, take the hike up to one of Stawamus Chief’s three peaks, for sweeping views of Squamish below you.

Shannon Falls

The Shannon Falls Provincial Park drops 335 meters, and creates a picturesque mist over the surrounding forest. If you want waterfall views for your Squamish elopement, this is the perfect spot for you! The cliffs in the park are incredible for rock climbing, offering different routes for those who want them.

shannon falls, squamish BC

The Best Time for a Squamish Elopement

There’s no bad time to elope in Squamish – you’ll find plenty to do year round! But, the warm summers differ significantly from the frigid winters, so decide what kind of weather you’re after before you set an elopement date.

Winter in Squamish

Winter temperatures often fall below freezing, with snow piling up in the mountains of Squamish. This time of year is perfect for couples who want to elope in a winter wonderland, or who want to ski or snowboard!

winter elopement in Squamish

Spring in Squamish

The weather starts to warm up as March comes around, and reaches around 11°C by May. Spring is still pretty rainy, but it can be a great opportunity to see some wildflowers! 

Summer in Squamish

Summers are warm in Squamish, though higher elevation areas can still get chilly – so if you plan to hike, bring layers! July is the sunniest month of the year, but the optimal weather also means that Squamish will be busiest in the summer.

Fall in Squamish

The best time for a Squamish elopement is September, as the weather will still be warm and great for hiking, but the crowds will have cleared out! Temperatures are usually around 5°C in late fall, and as the leaves change Squamish shows off its fall colours. Keep in mind that in higher elevations, snow can accumulate early!

Places to Stay in Squamish

During your Squamish elopement, you’ll need a cozy place to come back to! The town has everything from rugged campgrounds to luxury resorts, so you’ll find the perfect home away from home.

Check out these glamping yurts for a unique place to stay with scenic nature around, or the Adventure Inn, designed for travelers!

couple sitting in front of their Airbnb in Squamish on their elopement day

Things to Do When You Elope in Squamish

On your elopement day, you should do something absolutely epic – something you’ll never forget. And what better way to see Squamish than from above?

Squamish Helicopter Elopement

With a helicopter tour, you’ll get some incredible views of the mountains, without having to do any hiking! Black Comb Helicopter offers 12 minute flights, or longer trips into the backcountry, while Black Tusk Helicopter has special helicopter elopement packages – which means you can fly to a completely private, totally epic spot read your vows.

helicopter elopement in Squamish

Explore Squamish

But, you don’t have to take to the air to have an epic elopement day in Squamish! The entire day should be an experience, and there’s no limit to what you can do. Start with breakfast together at a cute place like Fergie’s Cafe, go hiking and explore the trails, watch the sunset at the Squamish Estuary, go kite boarding or kayaking at Squamish Spit, ride Horses at Squamish Ranch, stop for some real fruit ice cream at Alice and Brohm, unwind with a beer at Howe Sound Brewing… the options are endless!

Squamish Elopement Packages

Eloping is all about the adventure – and as a Squamish elopement photographer, I’m there to be your adventure buddy. Starting from the very first time we chat, I’ll guide you through the entire planning process, so that you have the perfect, stress free elopement of your dreams.

If you’re looking for more inspiration in planning your BC elopement or want to learn how to elope in BC, read through my BC Adventure Elopement Guide here.

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