10 Reasons to Elope in BC

Couple standing on mountaintop for their BC elopement.

Eloping means your wedding day can be absolutely anything you can dream up – no rules, no expectations, no pressure, and no limits! So once you’ve realized that you want to ditch the big, traditional wedding and plan a day that’s focused on the two of you, reflecting your relationship and beginning your marriage with a once in a lifetime adventure, it’s time to decide on an elopement location.

For couples who crave a wedding day experience that’s truly unique, one that’s authentic and carefree, and one that includes the beauty of nature, British Columbia is an incredible place to tie the knot! There’s truly something for everyone – beaches and mountains, ski resorts and hiking trails, cities and remote wilderness, and so much more. The list of reasons to elope in B.C. could go on forever, but I’ll save you some time and limit this one to 10!

 1. BC Landscapes are Incredibly Diverse

One of the biggest reasons to elope in BC is the insane diversity in our landscapes. You’ll find rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, lush forests, turquoise lakes, towering mountains, and even inland deserts!

Not only is British Columbia’s scenery absolutely stunning, it’s also rugged and wild, with two thirds of the province covered in unspoiled wilderness. Privacy is important on an elopement day – and when you elope in BC, you’ll have no trouble finding a place that’s remote, beautiful, and serene, where you can exchange vows surrounded by the calm, peaceful natural beauty.

2. The Mountains

Among the rugged terrain of BC, you’ll find stunning mountain peaks and forested hillsides. The mountains offer some of the most incredible views, but the best reason to elope isn’t just for the scenery, it’s for all the different ways to see and explore the mountains! You can hike the trails, ski the slopes, take a gondola over the mountains, fly in a helicopter for a bird’s eye view, or rent a 4×4 or take a Jeep tour. There are so many ways to experience the mountains, and so many unique adventures you can have on your elopement day. 

3. BC Offers Four Season Fun

One of the best reasons to elope in BC is that we have four season weather, and each one brings new opportunities for fun and outdoor adventure!

In the winter, you can cozy up in a ski town like Whistler, Squamish, or Pemberton and spend your days in the snow and your evenings by the fire. 

Spring is the best of both worlds, with enough snow to keep skiing in the mountains, but warmer weather for hiking in lower elevations or exploring close to the coast! You can see wildflowers, spot wildlife, and it’s the best time to see the waterfalls in full force as the snow melts.

Fall brings stunning foliage to BC, and perfect, crisp, hiking weather! September is amazing for outdoor adventures, and in October, you might be able to see the first dustings of snow in the mountains.

In the summer, BC is a paradise for hikers – you can explore the mountains, forests, lakes, hot springs, and all the scenery the province has to offer!

4. Unique Adventures and Activities

The best thing about eloping is the endless possibilities for adventures! A huge reason to elope in BC is that there are so many unique things to do. There’s gondola and helicopter rides, whale watching, paddleboarding and kayaking in incredible blue lakes, ice fishing, exploring historic towns, wineries and local shops, and world famous suspension bridges! Whatever adventure you have in mind, you’ll find it in BC – and you’ll find plenty that you haven’t thought of yet.

 5. Amazing Airbnbs and Places to Stay in BC

Your entire experience is going to be a part of your elopement story – and that includes where you stay! BC has some unique getaways that make the perfect home away from home, from cozy cabins to mountain top lodges.

Here are just a few of my favorite spots:

6. Incredible Sunrises and Sunsets

One of the best reasons to elope in BC is the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Whether you catch them over the ocean or in the mountains, the landscape is extra beautiful when it’s lit up by the orange glow of the sun! As an added bonus, planning your ceremony for sunrise means you’ll likely have the whole place to yourself.

7. BC Has Delicious Food

For foodie couples, the food in BC is a huge perk! The diverse landscape means diverse meal options – from the vegan restaurants to delicious fruit. 

You can end the day relaxing in Okanagan Valley – known for its wineries, with orchards nestled at the base of the mountains and locally made wines. Or, head to Victoria for fine dining and some of the freshest seafood! There are also the famous Nanaimo Bars – a delicious dessert invented in the city of Nanaimo in BC, with sweet custard sandwiched between wafer-like crackers. Yum!

8. You Can Spot Wildlife in BC

For couples who want to see some wildlife, you’ve got another reason to elope in BC! The wild, natural landscape means there are plenty of species that call this place home. You can see everything from birds and beavers to bears!

There is even a herd of wild horses that travels from Mount Currie to Pemberton in the winter – a truly incredible sight. For whale watching, the best time to be by the ocean is May through October.

9. The Cities

Along with the incredible nature and wilderness, one of the best reasons to elope in BC is the cities! You get the best of both worlds, and the opportunity to explore rugged outdoor spots along with bustling cities and small mountain towns.

Whether you go to Vancouver and experience the culture of the metropolis and the shops and restaurants, or stay in a cozy ski town, there’s tons to see in the city!

10. There are Amazing Elopement Vendors in BC

Last but not least, when you elope in BC, you’ll need some vendors to make sure your experience is nothing short of incredible! As an elopement photographer in BC, I’ve spent countless hours exploring everything the province has to offer, from popular locations to secret, hidden gems.

I’ll be there to take photos on your day, but I’ll also be there to help you plan your elopement – from scouting the best spots to say your vows, recommending the best vendors in BC, and creating a timeline of things to do on your elopement day, I’ve got your back! 

Thinking about eloping in BC? Check out my guide, How to Elope in BC, for the steps in planning your BC elopement! And if you’re ready to elope in BC, check out my BC Elopement Packages!

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