Elopement Planning Resources & Tips

You’re dreaming of a wedding day spent in a breathtaking location where all that matters is marrying the love of your life and taking in the views.

✔ No obligations.

✔ No guest counts.

✔ No strict timelines.

But all that freedom can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. If there’s no typical elopement formula to follow, then where do you even begin?


Here’s all of my experience as a British Columbia-based elopement photographer served up on a silver platter. And it’s free.  

Tips for Eloping With Family

Elopements aren’t always just the couple - you can also have guests or invite your loved ones! For a lot...

Stone Circle Whistler Elopement

Getting married on frozen lake... what an unforgettable experience! We met at Jeevan & Zach riverside cabin in Squamish the...

Leave No Trace Guide for Your Elopement

More and more couples are realizing that a big wedding isn’t for them - which I absolutely love! But, getting...

Elopement Timeline Tips & Ideas

One of the best things about elopements is the flexibility of time — you and your partner get to choose...

How Plan Your Whistler Elopement in 2022

Whistler, one of the most popular locations for eloping in BC, a is a mountain town located north of Vancouver...

Unique Elopement Ideas & Inspiration

If you’re in planning stage of your elopement (or even still considering eloping) and you're looking for inspiration of how...

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