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There are so many incredible locations in and around the lower mainland of BC and near Vancouver to choose from for your engagement session. I’m sharing 13 of my favourite engagement shoot locations with you so you can get started on picking the perfect place to document this exciting time in your lives! I’ve spend loads of time scouting beautiful locations and can provide suggestions for gorgeous spots. Many of these places are easily accessible, however I’ve included a few hiking locations as well. They are perfect if you want to plan an adventurous engagement shoot and are up for exploring hidden gems and off-the-beaten path locations.

When it comes to deciding on locations for engagement photos, here are a couple things to consider:

What kinds of sceneries do you and your partner get most excited about? Are you drawn to mountains, the ocean, a lake, or a waterfall? Do you like exploring new places?

Are there any locations that are meaningful to you and your partner ? Are there any places you think you two would be more yourselves in? Think about the places that bring you a sense of nostalgia and where you feel happiest.

How accessible is the location? Are you okay with driving a distance to get there? Driving on a bumpy 4×4 road?

Do you want to incorporate any activities into your session? I always recommend incorporating parts of your story with an activity of something you normally do together be part of your engagement session. i.e hiking your favourite trail, having a picnic, having s’mores over a bonfire, relax in your hammock, getting in to the water etc. It’s a great way to remember what you two love to do together at this time in your lives.

How important is privacy to you? If you’re willing to travel a little further or explore an off the beaten path location, you’ll be more likely to have a secluded area. The more accessible locations tend to be busier, so scheduling your session on a weekday or at sunrise is great way to get more privacy at those locations.

Ultimately, pick a location that you aligns with you and your partner’s relationship – a place where you can feel comfortable to be yourselves and have fun. There are tons of beautiful backdrops in BC, but ultimately I’m here to document your love and connection. Without further ado, here are my favourite engagement photo locations.

1. Buntzen Lake, Port Moody

Buntzen lake is one of my favourite locations in the lower mainland and is about 45 minutes from Vancouver. If you’re wanting a stunning location that is easy to get to with a beautiful lake and mountain views, this location is perfect. It does get pretty busy in the summer, so I’d recommend scheduling your session on a weekday to avoid the crowds. It’s also a great place for a sunrise session. There are so many places to explore at Buntzen lake – by the beachfront, the dock, or the numerous forest trails that wrap around the lake. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can definitely jump into the lake for part of your session!

2. Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, Chilliwack

Chilliwack Lake is another one of my favourite engagement session locations in BC. It’s a bit of a drive, about ~2 hours from Vancouver, but it’s absolutely worth it. This summer adventure session was an absolute dream.

3. Manning Park

Manning Park (or E.C. Manning Provincial Park) is a 2-3 hour drive from Vancouver and is full of gorgeous trails perfect for exploring during your engagement session! There are trails that are easily accessible from the parking lot as well as the Cascade Lookout which is a stunning drive to lookout of mountain ranges. Although gorgeous year round, the best time to visit Manning Park is summer, where you’ll see thousands of wildflowers! Definitely one of my favourite locations for engagement photos!

4. Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge.

From old growth forests and trails, to beaches, lakes and creeks to mountains and waterfalls, Golden Ears Provincial Park has it all. It full of beautiful locations like Alouette Lake, North Beach, and Lower Falls. As of July 2020, you will need a day pass (one per vehicle) to enter the park in the summer.

Alouette lake, which is closest to the entrance of Golden ears, has stunning views of the mountains and a huge lake.

The Lower Falls trail is a relatively easy and flat trail through an old growth forest that leads to a waterfall. Along the way, there are gorgeous views of Gold creek and the surrounding mountain peaks. I’ve scouted a few of these areas off to the side where you can take in the beautiful scenery around you. Just a little note, there is no service at lower falls.

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North beach is my favourite area at Golden Ears Park. To get to North Beach, there is a 10 to 15 minute trail that runs along the beautiful green water of Gold Creek and ends at the beach. This beach is less busy than Alouette Lake and is dog-friendly too! And yes, you should definitely bring your dog(s) to your session!

5. Pitt Lake, Pitt Meadows

It’s easy to see why Pitt Lake is one of the most popular locations for photographers in the lower mainland. It is another easily accessible location with unreal mountain views in every direction you look. Plus, there is a variety of different areas that we could explore during your session. The road that leads to the lake is an amazing stop along the way. Pitt Lake is definitely one of the top locations for engagement photos that you need to consider!

6. Squamish

The town of Squamish is full of many beautiful locations from the Squamish Spit, to the Sea to Sky Gondola to Shannon Falls. I’ve scouted a few incredible hidden gem locations in Squamish and there are endless areas to explore.

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7. Hope

Hope is truly a dream when it comes to photography backdrops. This incredible location is just off the side of the highway – it can easily be missed. We’ll have to trek down a rocky path to get there, but it’s so worth it! This area is only accessible in the spring as in the summer the water level rises and it is inaccessible.

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8. Jones Lake

Jones lake is by far my favourite place ever. It’s a special place for my hubby and I as it’s where we got engaged and had our elopement. Getting there is an adventure in itself as the last 10km is a bumpy logging road that leads up to the lake. It’s the perfect location for an intimate, private feel. In the winter and fall, the tree stumps are exposed, which adds another dimension of beauty to this incredible lake. Jones Lake is perfect if you’re looking to spend an afternoon/evening soaking in the most incredible mountain views while enjoying a fire.

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9. Murrin Provincial Park

Murrin Lake is located just south of Squamish, right off the Sea to Sky Highway. The short hike up to the viewpoint offers incredible views overlooking the Howe Sound. This little gem is relatively quiet and is perfect if you want something a little more secluded with gorgeous views.

10. Hunter Trail

Hunter trail is truly a hidden gem in Mission. It’s a longer but relatively easy hike that ends with an epic view of Stave Lake.

11. Pemberton

Pemberton is charming little mountain town 20 minutes north of Whistler. It would be a great place to getaway for the weekend to celebrate being engaged. Pemberton is most definitely know for it’s incredible view of Mount Currie. I’ve scouted a few beautiful areas with unobstructed views of Mount Currie that I would love to show you! My hubby and I explored Pemberton in 2019 and loved it’s slower paced and more nature-focused vibes compared to Whistler.
If you’d like to incorporate an activity for your Pemberton engagement session, there’s biking trails, berry picking, and so many epic day hikes.

12. Joffre Lakes

Joffre Lakes in Pemberton is one of BC’s most beautiful hiking trails that leads to three glacier-fed lakes. The water of these lakes are all beautiful shades of turquoise and have glacier mountain views. Most of the trail is moderately challenging, so if you are up for a day hike adventure to celebrate your engagement, this is the perfect location. The views that you’ll be rewarded with is well worth the hike! It’s an extremely popular location, so I’d definitely recommend going very early in the morning and on a weekday if possible.

13. Mount Cheam

And finally, the most adventurous location of all: Mount Cheam. It’s a 9.5km hiking trail in Chilliwack that is moderately challenging. The road up to the trailhead is quite rough and does require a 4-wheel drive vehicle. The journey to the peak is beautiful with the wildflower meadows along the trails in the late summer. At the summit, you’ll be rewarded with 360 degree views of the Fraser Valley with Mount Baker in the distance. If you love hiking and are wanting to spend a day together exploring stunning location, Mount Cheam is the way to go.

And that’s all for now friends! I have load of other suggestions as well, so definitely reach out and we can start planning your incredible engagement session!

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